The Simple Project is a children's book idea Jeremy Michael Vess developed based on a song he wrote called “Simple”. The idea is to combine music and art into an amazingly colorful children's book, coloring book and accompanying song produced in both English and in Spanish… 

"This project is near and dear to my heart and absolutely new territory for me.  Writing the song came easy to me, but the idea of a children's book was something completely out of my knowledge.  Then in February of 2024 I had the privelege and honor of meeting international artist Antonio Barcena from Morelia, Mexico, and now I'm waching the lyrics of my song come to life with these beautiful illustrations! Next step is just figuring out how to publish and print them in the form of a children's Christmas book.  And after only a week from the time I got back from my trip to Mexico I met a guy named Andy Mooney in my hometown of Salisbury who has published and printed several children's books and he volunteers to help with this project as well. Its all been so incredibly inspired and divinely appointed that I can't help but see that there is something uniquely special about this whole project. 

Watching this idea come to life has been an amazing journey that I have seen materialize in some incredible ways!  This has been a huge step of faith for me into an unknown territory of children's books and publishing, but I've seen things happen for it that have exceeded my wildest expectations and imagination.  

This concept came to be as I now have a seven year old daughter that I love to read to.  And I began purchasing her books about Christmas and then as I read them to her I started to get an idea to put a song I wrote into a children's book format that would tell the Christmas story in a new and compelling way. 

As I mentioned earlier I had travelled to Mexico in February of this year I met Antonio Barcena.  He was doing some translating for me as I was asked to speak for a pastor's conference.  While there I found out that Antonio is also an established artist and I began to tell him about my idea.  He loved it and offered to help me with illustrations and he would be willing to do it for just an offering.  This was a huge deal as I had been researching illustrators and found that they came with a very heavy price tag. However, Antonio's offer to help me out of good faith really sparked something in me to want to do something that would allow me to give him an offering that would truly bless him. 

I wanted to provide a means for others to partner with me on this so I could give Antonio a generous offering and also cover the other expenses of this wonderful art concept piece. Antonio has also produced a children's coloring book based off his art work in Mexico and has also offered to help with releasing this book in Mexico translated in to Spanish. 

I also plan to record and release this song as a bonus single and accompianment to the book in both English and Spanish with the help of Charlotte, NC producer Joel Weldon Willis (who has worked with Elevation Worship and Old House Recording Studio). 

This colorful depiction of the nativity story paints a picture of the gospel message in a very simple and straight-forward way and is something that many families will want to have during the holiday season for many years to come!  I ask that you consider supporting The Simple Project by contributing to this campaign.  I know I cannot do this alone so thank you in advance for your support."

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Pictured below are the illustrations by Antonio Barcena of the book so far: 

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